TL;DR I'm creating a remake of a fun but abandoned strategy video game called Pax Galaxia. The remake is called Pax Two. Support development on Patreon.

Pax Galaxia (aka. Pax Solaris) is a small abandoned strategy video game created by Diodor Bitan from Romania of Dio Games in 2003.

In Pax Galaxia, you must conquer the stars of countless galaxies by taking the vast perspective of a general directing the movements of your galactic forces, setting up supply lines, avoiding flanks, protecting your front lines and capturing strategically advantageous positions with special bonuses. On the surface Pax Galaxia doesn't look like much, but beneath the dated and sparse facade lies a game of surprising depth and good old fun. And there has never been a strategy game as easy to learn and play as Pax Galaxia: Just click-&-drag to direct your forces!

A screenshot of old Pax Galaxia:

Affectionately referred to simply as Pax, the game is still being played today by a handful of passionate and crafty people, for whom only Pax scratches that particular itch. But the game is definitely showing its age, and there is only so much that can be done to keep Pax going in its current form.

Pax Galaxia deserves a remake. The simple interaction, deep gameplay and tactile feedback is timeless, and it's hard to believe that Pax was created before the invention of modern touch screen devices—Pax Galaxia on a touch screen is a match made in heaven!

So let's make it happen! Let's make:

Pax Two

The primary features of Pax Two are:
Secondary features include:
Please do come with suggestions for other features you would like to have in the game, as well as thoughtful discussions on how you would like these things to work. This is a community effort and your voice counts!

Money details

My highest wish is for Pax Two to be free and open source. This is intimately connected with my choice to seek funding on Patreon. I don't want to degrade the game in any way for the purpose of soliciting payment. I don't want to lock Pax Two behind a login, or a subscription, or a payment, or plaster it with annoying ads. But I also expect my work to sustain me financially and my time to be compensated. And that brings us to:

How you can use Patreon to support the development of Pax Two

Initially there will be six basic pledges so you can choose the level of financial support you bring to the table. You may downgrade or upgrade your pledge at any time. I have a couple ideas on how to soon offer more exciting extras for each pledge. This is definitely something we should talk about. What kind of extras do you want to be able to get your hands on? Which parts of the development process would be fun for you to get access to?

Here are some of the things you will contribute to with your patronage:
How to keep in touch

Since I have never used Patreon before, I will have to learn the ropes around here before I can make effective use of its communication features.

But we already have a Discord server where we can discuss, hang out, test preview releases or straight up play some good old Pax Galaxia together:

There is also a public Pax Galaxia Facebook group (not administrated by me) for all kinds of other Pax Galaxia stuff. You can head over there to read my post that contains much more of the story behind starting development of Pax Two.

Trying Pax Galaxia is completely free and I encourage you to see if it's your thing. It can be a little hard to find a place to download the final version 1.15.3, but both Windows and Mac versions are generously hosted by a Pax fan here:

With all that said...

The golden age of Pax Galaxia is yet to come. Whether you're like most and haven't even heard about Pax Galaxia before, or you're one of the few remaining hardcore fans left in this Pax forsaken world, you can help bring Pax back to life. Bringing Pax into the modern era will expose so many more people to this forgotten classic, and Pax will live on for a long time.

I hope you have found this a compelling cause worthy of your investment. Let's make it happen together.

PS! I am well aware of the many, many Pax lookalikes available on platforms such as App Store, Google Play, Steam and many flash games sprinkled throughout the Internet. Let me tell you: None of them measure up to Pax Galaxia!

Stian Gudmundsen Høiland